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2 Good Reasons

to book from our site

  • Best price guaranteed
  • 10% off at our restaurant "La Veranda"


Salus Per Aquam offers a wellness bath that, after an acclimatization break in the tepidarium, leading to the Turkish bath or Finnish sauna to eliminate the toxins in excess. The regenerative power of the Turkish bath and of the sauna is perfectly combined with the refreshing effects of the shower with cold water. The subsequent immersion in whirlpools reactivates the blood circulation and the passage to the emotional showers tones and refreshes the body. Take a rest in panoramic relax area lakeside, taking advantage of break in the herbal tea room, ready to repeat the bath.




In the Tepidarium the temperature is maintained between 35°C and 40°C, and induces an artificial fever that stimulates the immune system and induces a total relax.

 Calidarium- Bagno Turco

The Turkish bath (Calidarium) is particularly loved for the good mix between the elevated relative humidity (95%) and the irradiated heat (45°C)
It allows a deep cleaning of the skin, helps the respiratory system and loosens up the muscular tension.
It may seem obvious, but steam rooms use heat as well as humidity.
If you have any health problems, consult a doctor before you use a steam bath. High blood pressure, heart disease, and various other cardiovascular problems can be exacerbated by high temperatures. In addition, pregnant women and small children should not use steam rooms.

 Sauna finlandese

The Finnish Sauna is heated at 90°C with relative humidity at 10%.
Not recommended for persons with problems of arterial pressure or other cardiovascular pathologies.
There is no one right way to take a sauna.
Above all you should be in good company, so that you can enjoy the experience in peace. One usually goes to the sauna naked, but you can wear a bathing suit or towel if you feel more comfortable.
Try this first, and once you`ve tried it out, you can change it to suit your taste:

To get the most of the sauna, you will need:

  • Start by taking a shower. This helps to keep the hot room clean.
  • Enter the sauna and sit on the upper bench. You may want to use a small towel to sit on.
  • Sit back for a few minutes and let the heat permeate your body and open the pores of the skin.
  • You may adjust the air moisture by throwing water on the stones of the heater. The steam will make the room feel hotter.
  • Step into the changing room to cool down, maybe take another shower.
  • You may go back to the heat a few times, taking your time to relax and enjoy the warmth.
  • Finally shower to clean yourself from the sweat.
  • Allow yourself to cool and dry properly before clothing yourself.
  • Follow the sauna with a peaceful rest and a drink.
  • At least half an hour of time, preferably an hour or more, so you have ample time to relax.
  • A large towel to dry yourself
  • A smaller towel to sit on
  • A bathrobe to wear while cooling down



 Percorso docce emozionali

Emotional showers:
  • Cold fog with aromas with refreshing effect on the skin.
  • Tropical rain and chromatherapy
  • Water fall: Jet act on cervical, loos up the muscular tension and gives relief

 Relax area lake side with tea corner


 Relax room with Himalayan salt and color therapy

Le pareti sono ricoperte di mattoni di sale dell’Himalaya retro illuminanti a led con alternanza di colori per creare la suggestione della cromoterapia. Le proprietà benefiche del sale producono un micro clima puro, che viene poi mantenuto per temperatura e umidità. Il sale ha la capacità di ionizzare l’aria e di riequilibrare la presenza tra ioni positivi e negativi. Una seduta nella stanza ha effetti rilassanti e contribuisce al benessere psico-fisico.

 Cold water bucket

Ha effetto stimolate e lascia una piacevole sensazione di freschezza. Ideale nella fase di rinfrescamento dopo il bagno turco o sauna.


Children under 16 years old may enter the Wellness Center “ Il Canneto” only if accompanied by an adult that will be held responsible for their children’s behavior.

  • Possono accedere al centro i minori di anni sedici, purché accompagnati dai genitori che saranno responsabili del loro comportamento.
  • Non avere premura, prevedere una sosta di almeno 90 min . Centro Benessere e fretta non vanno d’accordo.
  • In caso di affaticamento fisico o di stress è consigliabile riposare per ca. 20 minuti prima di entrare in sauna. La cosa più importante è rilassarsi!!
  • Nella sauna e nel bagno turco, per motivi igienici, si entra scalzi
  • Nella sauna è necessario utilizzare un asciugamano in cotone da stendere sulla panca affinché nessuna parte del corpo tocchi il legno
  • Nel bagno turco è necessario sciacquare le panche con l’apposita doccetta prima e dopo l’utilizzo.
  • E’ obbligo in tutta l`area wellness: sauna, bagno turco, docce, vasche idromassaggio, area relax, indossare il costume.
  • E’ importante mantenere un’atmosfera di quiete e di riposo parlando sottovoce


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